RichMix Exhibitions

Dust & Shadows: LONDONESSENCE Until Thu 28 July / Mezzanine Gallery / Free London figurative painter Ed Gray showcases a collection of paintings and prints inspired by Adoration paintings from the renaissance, depicting gritty contemporary snatches of London life that pulsate with allegory and mythicism. The Night Time Economy Sat 16 – Thu 28 July / Lower… Continue reading


Hundreds of artists open their doors for Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios 2016 Friday 29 - Sunday 31 July 2016 Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios takes place Fri 29 - Sun 31 July Launch party on Friday 29th July explores subversive culture, and an opportunity to get 'Greased-Up' at Mick's Garage for a Hackney WickED Late - RSVP here… Continue reading

Arts Council Collection’s 70th Anniversary

Arts Council Collection’s 70th Anniversary Commission awarded to Keith Piper for new Iniva/Bluecoat commissioned work Iniva and Bluecoat secure prestigious national Arts Council Collection Commission for new work by artist Keith Piper which will be acquired by the Collection to mark its 70th Anniversary. Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) is pleased to announce that… Continue reading

Unit 3 Projects | 54:68:81

Mark Skilton Dominic Beattie John Bunker New abstract art by artists from three different generations. The work is linked by spikiness, complexity and frank materiality. Above all by the idea that abstract art should be concrete, illusive, constructed, vivid and dynamic. None of the trio directly ‘abstract’ from the world but all of them approach… Continue reading

In Barry Bonds I See The Future

In Barry Bonds I See The Future David Burrows | Charles Danby | Lotte Rose Kjær Skau Let Me Feel Your Finger First | Luke McCreadie | Aidan McNeill Flore Nové-Josserand | Laura Oldfield Ford | Laura Pawela Hyun-Min Ryu | Gordon Shrigley | Rob Smith NaoKo TakaHashi | Mark Peter Wright 5 June - 2 July 2015 Preview: Thursday… Continue reading

New Work From Artist Byroglyphics

He's damn good. Artist Byroglyphics (Russ Mills) took to twitter to announce his new collection of art work and update of his website. If you didn't know. Now you do. Don't sleep. His work sells out fast so if I was you... "hurry up and buy". Go HERE for more. Continue reading

Artist Updates Art He Did As A Child Aged 4

To go viral on the interweb sometimes takes a lil strike of serendipity, but a lot of the times it takes one being a lil clever, endearing, unique or just cool as fuck. Take the Dutch artist, Telmo, for instance, he fits in all four (5 if you count serendipity of course) categories for me.… Continue reading

Bartkira (Akira x The Simpsons)

This is pretty bad ass. You'll especially love it if you're a fan of Akira and The Simpsons. Basically, editor and project coordinator, James Harvey, using artists around the world, is putting together (vol 1 available now) a recreation of the classic manga, Akira, but replacing the original characters with characters from The Simpson. Read… Continue reading