Streaming, Birthdays and more…

Fan favourite Bridgerton has been commissioned for a third and fourth series after the first series of the raunchy costume drama was binge-watched by more than 82 million households. Earlier this year the show was named as Netflix’s most watched original series. Set in 1813, the drama documents aristocratic family rivalries, narrated by Lady Whistledown… Continue reading

Fully Geeked Pod: Episode 52

What an Entanglement we have because “It’s not what time steals, it’s what it leaves behind.” The #FullyGeekedPod get together for more banter and lots of jokes for Episode 52. We start with the weeky round up (01:10) including COVID19 Update - Compulsory mask wearing, Gyms Reopening, UK banning Huawei #5G. #EatOutToHelpOut. A moment of… Continue reading

Carina Pellius announces publication of poems

‘Band-Aids, Bullet Holes and Bleeding Words’ address different subjects LONDON – Poetry writing and its publication has gained more recognition in the past decade. Many people are now showing their poems, which also encourages others to do the same. As a black author, Carina Pellius, who has been writing since the age of 11, expresses… Continue reading