Gen Z’s Attempt To Clean Out Eminem’s Closet

TikTok users have been seemingly campaigning to have Eminem cancelled in the last week due to certain lyrics included in his raps over the years. The particular lyrics in question are from the Rihanna collab of ‘Love the way you lie’ where Marshall Mathers (Eminem) says “if she ever tries to leave again, I’ma tie her to the… Continue reading

ShiSeb EP is officially OUT NOW!!

The E.P. by Big E-D available on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Please click here for all the latest digitalstreaming platforms To buy the E.P. on Bandcamp click here. #Grime #Grimemusic #Themouse #Courage #Perfect #140bpm #FLRecords #UKmusic #BCheck #Flstudio Continue reading


For the past few years I have been obsessing about Neo-Soul music. The creamy yet syncopated feel to tracks is indulging and a break of silence has nearly as much impact on the listener as the jazzy chords which form the basis of the song. Up and coming Californian Neo-Soul band - IDESIABreakthrough acts over… Continue reading