Does The Keto Diet Work?

There have been many diets over the years - from protein-based diets to fruit-based diets. We are forever hearing about ketone - specifically raspberry ketones, which apparently give us a reduced craving for food. Does it actually work though? A ketone is a type of chemical. Particularly, the chemical that specifically gives raspberries their enjoyable… Continue reading


Netflix has released a trailer for an upcoming series called ‘Social Distance’ which portrays the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March. The series sums up 2020, which was defined by virtual friendships, long-distanced relationships and grief. As globally, governments were told to inform the public to quarantine at home for months and are still… Continue reading

@MusicalReverb recommends

Here are my 10 top tracks I think you should be listening to this summer. And below is my top 3 featured tracks for my fellow DJs. The Sneekers - Ghetto Superstar ► Aeroplane & Purple Disco Machine - Sambal Hare Squead - If I Ask ► A.M. SNiPER - HYPE featuring. Curreny Dope (Ammo Remix) ► Disclosure -… Continue reading

Live in London (this week)

Check out this week's show where our host Peter Coulston tells us all about the best Live gigs in London. The show features some fantastic unsigned and independent acts including Sun Kil Moon, Crash Island and The Bloom Twins who are playing at Birthdays on Thursday 28th July. FEATURED EVENT Our July showcase features the… Continue reading

Cancel the Sunshine

Picture the scene: you are looking at a set representing a bedroom. It is disorganised and various pieces of clothing, bottles, papers and other items litter the bottom of a double bed. A rack of clothes hangs limply to one side. And as the lights dim and Cancel The Sunshine begins, out of that bed… Continue reading

The Fifth Beatle

Record producer Sir George Martin, known as the "fifth Beatle", has died, aged 90. Sir George Martin was responsble for signing The Beatles and produced more than 700 records working with the likes of artists including Gerry and the Pacemakers, Dame Shirley Bassey and Cilla Black. Tributes and messages have been flooding the internet accross… Continue reading

Melting Pot

  Last week's Melting Pot show on @ShoreditchRadio boasts bangers from @TrueBeatzcrew & @SpiritualSouth: #GAMM — Mr Boogie (@meltingpot4u) March 7, 2016     Continue reading